Monday, November 13, 2017



Well, TC has decided to retire.  She is just a bit too fragile now; and the hairline crack is a bit too deep for travel.  So, for a while her twin sister has traveled all the way from Azra in the UK to step in and take her place for a bit.

You can tell them apart, as there is a little chip on her comb.  But, I assured her no one would mind; and I might have a bit of color for her in my studio.

Thank you Azra!!! (((hugs)))

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Chickens Visit Christina Wegman in Huntsville, AL

When I read about this project, I immediately knew that I wanted to host TC myself one day.  What could be more fun than having Senor Azule and his chicken pals come to visit Huntsville, AL (aka "The Rocket City") for a few weeks to get a portrait done?  Soon after my own return to the States from a summer in Germany, he arrived at our door with hen and chicks.  He greatly enjoyed visiting my home in one of our lovely Historic Districts and my art studio in Downtown Huntsville.  We talked about our travels-- we both like to visit new places and he is quite a charismatic guest.  He wanted to be painted larger than life, so I chose to do a 16X20 canvas in water-based oils with a lot of bright colors that would compliment his beautiful feathers.  Since I used to work in a purely abstract Expressionistic style before developing more traditional styles for the formal portraits, city scenes, and house paintings that I am often commissioned to do, Senor Azule seemed to like the idea of me paying homage to my roots in his portrait with an abstract background.

The finished piece is available for $275 plus shipping and handling-- Email for details.  I also post my work regularly on my blog and FB page.

Monday, September 25, 2017

TC amongst the Coleus Leaves with Nan in New Jersey

As promised to TC, I did work on her painting - she wanted colorful she said. 
So, working from one of the snapshots I took while she was enjoying my Coleus plants, 
I did a quick acrylic ink, wash & paint of her. 

I think I will keep this one (not for sale) - framed & hanging in my studio. 
She is such a delight to work with & to entertain!