Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A visit with an old friend

Back in April of 2012, I was visited by TC - I was only the 3rd artist to participate in the Traveling Chicken blog.

Today, August of 2017 - 5 years later and after many, many artists have been visited, TC has once again arrived at my doorstep. Along with Señor Gato & momma hen and chicks! They were so happy to pop out of their travel container & stretch! Straight out onto the lawn they went & under the Hydrangea bush of my neighbor! Oh boy, I had to quick head over to gather them up!

Next they found their way into my flower boxes. Oh how TC loves flowers, the brighter the color the better! I love to plant in containers and have quite a few scattered around. I think both Señor Azul and TC must have inspected every single one!

One of TC's favorite is my Coleus plant - she just loved all the colors in the leaves.

Senor Azul was fond of the salmon color impatients.

Suddenly momma hen started clucking rather loudly & Señor Azul & TC quickly ran to her side to see what was wrong. "Nothing wrong" she clucked, "I've made a couple of new friends here, the Turtle twins!

The chatter rose quickly as they introduced themselves to each other. And there was much ado about flowers, and plants, and gardening. After a bit, the chicks joined me indoors. It was then that TC asked if I would paint her again, only different than the last time, this time she wanted something special. I asked why special, she only clucked and smiled at me. "Ok, ok, keep your little secret -- for now," I said.

"All in due time" TC replied, then scampered off to talk with my parakeet "Blue."

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Happy 150th Bird-day Canada!

Well, it certainly has been an eventful couple of days for TC, Señor Azul, Stuart and Red the Squirrel. 

It all started yesterday morning (July 1) when TC suggested to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday (known as 'Canada Day'), she’d love to go on a big cat safari.  Señor Azul and Red the Squirrel agreed this would be a delightful idea.  Stuart, who can be a little timid – especially when it comes to cats - wasn’t sure about this idea, but went along all the same.   

Upon arriving at the cat safari, the gang was in awe of the animals.  In addition to several big cats, there was also a stunning beaglesaurus (a very rare and docile species). 

The visit started off well enough, but quickly took a turn of the worse.  A big orange cat took notice of Stuart’s tale, and mistaking it for a rope toy, sprung forward to attack.   As this happened, the cat noticed the rest of Stuart’s friends and became very curious.  He stalked around them, sniffing each one.  TC, Señor Azul, Red the Squirrel, and Stuart stood frozen, not even daring to breath.  They prayed the big orange cat would lose interest soon.  As time passed, it seemed evident that this was not the case. 

Stuart decided he had to act.  He took a deep breath, dug down deep to find all his courage, and spun around to face the big orange cat.   As he looked him straight in the eye, he stammered “Back off Cat!!”.  To everyone’s surprise, the big orange jumped with a startle.

“You’re alive?!!? I thought you were inanimate cat toys.  Oh dear, oh dear!  I don’t even want to think about what could have happened if you didn’t speak up”.

TC, Senor Azul, Red the Squirrel, and Stuart stood there in silence – taking in what the cat had just said.  TC went on to clarify, “so you don’t want to eat us?”. 

“Eat you?? Of course not!  We are friendly cats here.  Come, sit, visit.  Tell me all about yourselves.”  And with that, TC, Señor Azul, Red the Squirrel, and Stuart sat down and had a lovely chat with the orange cat (who's name turned out to be Stanley).  TC and Señor Azul recounted many of their tales from their various international adventures.

The rest of Canada Day was very calm and relaxing.  They visited some garden centres, played cards, got a coffee from Tim Hortons, and then finally sat for their portrait.  Red the Squirrel was quite tired and insisted he needed a nap (as such – he didn’t make it into the portrait).

Here is the portrait:

Happy 150th Bird-day Canada!  Oil on Canvas Panel, 6x8 inches.  Click here to purchase. 

Anyway - TC and Señor are flying out soon...on their way to their next adventure.   Let's all wish them luck on their travels!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

TC & Senor Azul have arrived in Ontario

 London Baby!!  And by London, I mean London, Ontario (Canada) 

After a long journey across Canada, TC and Señor Azul arrived late last night.  While a bit tired, they were in good spirits.

Who is TC & Señor Azul? Who am I? Why did I want them to come visit me?

Just in case you don't know, TC (a.k.a Ms. Hen) and Señor Azul are a ceramic Hen and Rooster duo who are on a mission to spread artistic joy around the world.  They travel from artist to artist in order to have their portrait painted and also to meet great new friends. It is such an amazing and unique project that has large community.   Click here to the history of the Travelling Chicken. 

Most of you also may not know me - my name is Kathy MacKay and I am a Canadian artist that lives in London Ontario.  You can learn more about me by clicking here.

One reason I was so excited to be part of the travelling chicken project was so my own Art Mascot, Stuart, could finally meet the famous TC and Señor Azul.  Stuart, a travelling elephant mouse, follows the Travelling Chicken Blog religiously (he gets his tail in a real knot if he misses a post!).  If you want to learn a bit more about Stuart, you can either read my blog post about him or check out his Facebook page.  '

Now that introductions are out of the way, let the latest leg of the journey begin...

After a good night rest, and in true rooster & chicken fashion, TC and Señor Azul were up this morning at the crack of dawn!  They started the day with a delicious breakfast.  Fuelled up and ready to go, our first stop was Westminster Ponds, a nice conservation area in the city.

Next, Ms. Hen and Señor Azul FINALLY met up with Stuart (and a few of Stuart's friends!).  While he was so excited to meet them, Stu was definitely star struck upon first encounter (can you say tongue tied? I've never seen the little guy so quiet).  But TC and Señor Azul were so friendly and so down to down to earth, that Stuart quickly got over his initial fright.  They spent a fun day visiting and even viewed some fantastic art.

Here are the photos we took last night and today.  Hope you enjoy.  We will be sharing more photos as their journey continues!
TC & Senor Azul upon arrival.  They report a good trip. 
As TC and Senor Azul well know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
TC and Senor Azul wanted to go for a little dip at Westminster Ponds.
Ms. Hen sat for a little study for me - to help prepare for her more finished portrait.  

Hanging out on my car!
TC, Stuart, and Senor Azul checking out my art collection (an Elena Katsyura & a Carol Marine - both original!)

From left to right: Red the Squirrel, Stuart, Dr. Duck, Señor Azul, and TC

Seriously?  they needed a mid-day nap?  I can understand why Stuart was so tired - he didn't sleep at all last night because he was excited to meet his favourite travel bloggers.  
Stuart, TC, Senor Azul, and Red - posing for a photo.